Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


Take steps to help the Linda Norgrove Foundation, UK—JOIN THEIR RUN/WALK FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and share your story. Below is a message from Lorna Norgrove, Director of the Linda Norgrove Foundation, and our partners in the Afghanistan Reads! Afghanistan Lowalee:Community Libraries and Literacy Program:
John and Lorna Norgrove
Linda Norgrove Foundation, UK

Dear CW4WAfghan Friends and Supporters:

“You’ll remember that the Linda Norgrove Foundation’s annual 10K run/walk was taking place at the same time as your annual VICTORIA 2013 Symposium last year.  It was great that members of CW4WAfghan joined John and I to run or walk round the beautiful waterfront in downtown Victoria, BC.

This year we will be at home [Isle of Lewis, Scotland] taking part on a much more challenging course in that there is a long steep hill at about mile four. It does overlook a beautiful beach though slogging uphill, I am not really that aware of the scenery! We’re holding it on Saturday October 4th, the weekend you will be in Winnipeg for your annual MANITOBA 2014 symposium.

As last year, we are hoping to have supporters take part by walking or running wherever they are in the world on that day: OCTOBER 4th. If you think there might be any of your CW4WAfghan members in Canada, or in Afghanistan, who would like to do so again this year, perhaps you could spread the word. This is a link to our website here if anyone would like to know more. Thank you!  Also, below is a link to our last newsletter.

Sending our best wishes, and thanks to CW4WAfghan members for joining our run/walk for 2014!”